image2 22.03.2018

Educational project for vulnerable women selected within the project “Learn to Act” was launched in Viciebsk

The mini-project “Life lessons for women” aimed at re-socialisation of women with criminal past, or those who have undergone rehabilitation in Medical-Labour Centres started in Viciebsk.

'Women who went through correctional institutions, returning to their families often do not find understanding and support among their relatives and eventually fall into a disadvantaged environment again. The project aims at helping women in this most difficult period of their lives, - says the project manager, chairperson of the Viciebsk city association of women “Ulyana” Valentina Kosykh. – Our aim is not to catch and do good to those women who do not want that. We are determined to help those who are willing to change their lives, but may not yet know what kind of first step to make. We desire to help such women.'

The project “Life lessons for women” is carried out by Viciebsk city association of women “Ulyana”, where teachers, psychologists, individual entrepreneurs, housewives and other residents work together.

The project is aimed at improving labour competitiveness of women released from penitentiary institutions or of those who have undergone medical and social rehabilitation in corrective institutions. The project will be implemented in Viciebsk, Liozna and Haradok districts of Viciebsk region.

Within the framework of the project, a number of trainings and seminars are planned to be held for women, such as “Starting life from scratch” and “Finding a job”. Those women who do not have a profession will be offered free educational courses, as well as support to self-help groups will be ensured.

At the end of February Viciebsk hosted the first event of the project - seminar-presentation of the mini-project “Life lessons for women”. The seminar was attended by the representatives of the Department of internal Affairs of Viciebsk Regional Executive Committee, employees of the police Department of Liozna and Haradok districts, specialists of territorial centers of social services, Departments of Labor and Employment, employees of Medical-Labour Centre #9, representatives of Viciebsk regional Prosecution Office and a manager of the Regional resource center for the development of life-long learning for adults in Viciebsk.

During the seminar Viciebsk city association of women “Ulyana” and other structures of Viciebsk region discussed aspects of cooperation to achieve the project goals for the interests of the target group.

The mini-project is part of a larger project “Learn to act” implemented by the Representative office of the German Education Association in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the Association of life-long learning and Enlightenment and VHS Cham (Germany). The project is financed by the European Union and co-financed by DVV International (from the funds of the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development).