Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus

About of project:

Project Period: 16.07.2014 – 15.10.2017

Budget: € 5,000,000

Implementing Agency: The United Nations Development Programme

National Partner: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus

Location: Belarus


The “green” economy aims to improve the wellbeing of people and mitigate environmental risks. Nature is a key resource from the perspective of the “green” concept. Application of modern, efficient strategies helps to benefit from its advantages without causing damage.

Goals and Objectives: The Project supports the idea of the economic growth of Belarus based on “green” principles, and it facilitates the development of local environmental initiatives.

Intermediate Outcomes: Support of local pilot initiatives throughout Belarus. Paper recycling will be organized in Barysaŭ. A grouse nursery will be built and fitted out in the Naliboki Republican Landscape Reserve. A wood-waste-to-biofuel processing facility will be established in Brest. In Žytkavičy, there is a plan to upgrade equipment in order to boost extraction of sapropel/bed deposits.

Another area is the support of community initiatives for the “green” economy, exploring ways of cooperation between local authorities, NGOs and business.  In July-August 2015, a contest of projects was held; NGOs from all regions of the country took part in the competition, and sixteen projects won. Thus, a Forest Training Center will be established in Lida Raion; a used industrial oil collection and processing system will be set up in Barysaŭ and Krupki Districts.

Information about the “green” economy is another important area that the Project is supporting. In 2016, work on the development of an interactive Green Map will be undertaken; this e-database will allow people to search for collection centers of recyclable materials, hazardous waste and reclaimed items.

The Project experts have developed eco-tourism and the development of marketing strategies for the Prybužskaje Palesse and Sviciazianski Republican Landscape Reserves. A “green” transport development strategy was worked out for the Radziwills’ Palace and Park Complex.

Points of Contact:

Volha Chabrouskaya, Project Manager

+375 29 684 69 63,