PubLiCity: Energy Efficient Modernization of Public Lighting in the City of Polack

About of project:

Project Period: 01.08.2015 – 30.11.2018

Budget: € 1,630,521; EU contribution – € 1,304,417 (90%)

Implementing Agency:

  • Polack District Executive Committee (lead Project implementing partner)
  • Interakcia Local Foundation for Development of International Dialogue and Cooperation
  • Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Polack Utility Company" (affiliated partner)

Location: Polack, Viciebsk Region


Polack, the first Belarusian city to become a member of the Covenant of Mayors, developed its own Sustainable Energy Action Plan with EU support. Adopted in 2012, the document includes a number of measures to improve the energy efficiency of municipal buildings and companies, renewable energy generation, expansion of green areas, enhancement of the operation of public transport and improvement of the street lighting system. The PubLiCity will offer another opportunity for Polack to fulfill its commitments under the Covenant of Mayors.

Goals and objectives: 

Main goal is to carry out an energy efficient upgrade of the Polack street lighting. It will set an example for similar changes in other cities of Belarus as well. 1340 modern street lights, some of them solar or wind powered, will be in operation in the central streets and avenues of Polack to reduce the city’s costs for street lighting by 15% and cut its CO2 emissions by almost 800 tons. New lamps will be integrated into a city-wide automated street lighting control system.  Also, about 200 new poles and lampposts will be replaced, while historical buildings and streets of Polack will get new decorative lighting. Further modernization will be provided for by the Polack Lighting Development Strategy until 2030, which will be another outcome of the Project.

Immediate outcomes: 

A conference on sustainable city energy development was held in September 2015 in Polack. It was attended by representatives of 17 Belarusian cities that have acceded or are going to accede to the Covenant of Mayors.

In 2015-2016, as part of a public opinion survey, several thousand Polack residents gave their assessment of the quality of street lighting and city building illumination, and shared their experience of energy saving in their daily life. And in January 2016, a group of experts from Polack State University carried out an energy audit of 40 main streets and avenues of the city. According to the audit findings, the application of energy efficient technology will help reduce energy consumption in the selected 40 streets by approximately 60%.

In April 2016, Polack hosted a student architectural forum Arkh.Pro.Svet where 40 students and 19 well-known designers and architects from all over Belarus came up with creative solutions for the lighting of Polack streets and districts. And in June 2016 and May-June 2017, Polack conducted Energy Days; this city-wide festival, which took place during the European Sustainable Energy Week, has already become a tradition in Polack. As for the technical part of the project, in early 2017 the project team was busy developing the project and estimate documentation, and in July 2017 the Polack District Executive Committee announced the intention to conduct an international open tender procedure for the purchase of the street lighting equipment.

Points of Contact: 

Dzmitry Pauliushchyk (Interakcia Foundation), Assistant Project Manager, +375 17 280 41 35, +375 29 329 61 05 (mob.), skype: Дмитрий Павлющик, e-mail:

Marina Borisova (Interakcia Foundation), Project Communication and Visibility Manager, +375 29 873 35 82 (mob.), e-mail:


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