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Braslaŭ kindergarten will have solar collectors

Braslaŭ kindergarten will have solar collectors

Solar collectors will almost completely cover the needs in hot water of the kindergarten No. 1, at least in the warm seasons. Specialists note: we can get 10 kilowatt-hours of energy from 1 square meter per day in good sunny weather in Belarus. This means that from April to October, up to 80 percent of the necessary kindergarten will be heated by the sun.

Collectors will appear in the pre-school education establishment because it is full of children year-round and, unlike schools, the gardens do not take breaks for the summer.

– Installation of solar collectors for water heating is also an excellent solution for other types of institutions, which function seasonally, mainly in summer. For resort Braslaŭ it, for example, sanatoriums, camps, agricultural homesteads. They can just take on a solution with solar collectors, – said the project coordinator from Center for Environmental Solutions Dmitry Buryonkin. – For Braslaŭ region, which promotes itself as a tourist and the first climatically neutral region, this is ideal. This is a good demonstration of renewable energy for the population at the local level.

Such positive changes became possible due to the implementation in the region of the project “Braslaŭ district – the first climate neutral municipality in Belarus”, which is financed by the European Union and implemented by the Braslaŭ regional executive committee and Center for Environmental Solutions.