image2 21.11.2017

“Climate” lessons with schoolchildren in Braslaŭ district

Within the framework of the project “Braslaŭ district – the first climate-neutral municipality of Belarus”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Braslaŭ District Executive Committee and the Center for Environmental solutions, Energy Week is in Braslaŭ now.


The city hosts themed events of different levels: from meetings with specialists to general educational activities for the local population. A large block of the program are related in schools (themed lessons, extracurricular activities, games).


The specialists of energy programs of the Center for Environmental solutions Dmitry Buronkin and Vladimir Rak spend a few days with students. Experts participated in open lessons, and also held the intellectual game for teams of different schools.


As Dmitry Buronkin said, people should understand how they affect the region to achieve climate neutrality, and the conversion will begin much earlier.