Requirement for Efficient Management of the Utility Sector

About of project:

Period: 01/08/2016 - 01/08/2019

Budget: €702,699.87, EU contribution €632,429.88

Implementing Agency: Ecopartnership International Non-Governmental Organization


Viliejka District Executive Committee

Iŭje District Executive Committee

Belarusian Consumer Protection Society

Associated Partner:

Bavarian Environment Agency

Water Technology Transfer Project

Locations: Viliejka (Minsk Region), Iŭje (Hrodna Region)


The quality of utility services affects everyone's life. Belarusian citizens nowadays have limited access to the information on activities of utility companies. The introduction of a social reporting mechanism, providing for residents' active involvement in the sector development, will help improve the work of utility companies.

Goals and Objectives: Expand the involvement of nongovernmental organizations in the decision making of utility companies. Raise public awareness about the residents' rights and duties in the sphere of utility services.

Expected Interim Outcomes: A series of educational seminars and tours to Germany and Estonia will be arranged for Viliejka and Iŭje nongovernmental organizations, utility companies and local authorities in order to improve their knowledge about social reporting. In Iŭje, it is planned to automate and provide for dispatcher control of water supply facilities; in Viliejka – improve the segregated waste collection infrastructure.

The project will provide financial support to the initiatives of nongovernmental organizations and local authorities, which are aimed at raising public awareness about social reporting. In Viliejka and Iŭje, thematic information centres will be opened, interactive websites will be developed; the utility services sector will be monitored; social statutes will be compiled for two utility companies.

In future, it is planned to carry over the experience of introducing social reporting onto the national level.

Points of Contact: Alina Bushmovich, Executive Director, Ecopartnership International NGO

+375 17 336 01 91,

Alesia Chumakova, Press Secretary, Ecopartnership International NGO

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