Strengthening Waste Management Services for the Rural Population of Puchavičy District, Minsk Region

About of project:

Project Period: 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2018

Budget: € 391,732; EU contribution – € 352,558

Implementing Agency: Puchavičy District Executive Committee and Ecopartnership International NGO

Location: Puchavičy District , Minsk Region


Only 5% of 30,000 municipal solid waste is processed annually in Puchavičy District. Most of the waste is disposed at a landfill site, contaminating the environment. The Project will both improve the ecology of the raion and offer a great example of waste management for other regions of Belarus.

Goals and Objectives: The project aims to improve the quality of waste management services in rural areas. It will require the establishment of a system for collecting electrical and electronic equipment; elimination of unauthorized dumps; and generation of local residents' interest in state-of-the-art methods of waste collection.

Intermediate Outcomes: The development of an electronic/electric waste collection system started with a baseline study to assess how fast this kind of waste accumulates and what its components are. The data will be analysed by September, and the findings will help develop a concept of hazardous waste collection.  The development of the system will start in winter 2017. Thirty special containers for electronic/electric waste collection will be installed, and a site for temporary storage of the waste will be set up.

Four CCTV cameras will be installed in potential waste accumulation areas in order to prevent illegal dumping. Project funding is envisaged to procure special machinery: a cargo van for collection of electrical/electronic equipment from residents and a bulldozer for elimination of dumping sites.

Setting up compost sites in ten rural schools would help introduce organic-waste-to-fertilizer recycling.

Points of Contact: Alina Bushmovich, General Manager, Ecopartnership International NGO

+375 17 336 01 90, +375 29 310 05 80,


Project booklet (in Russian)

Project presentation (in Russian)

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