image2 23.05.2017

The European Union Holds a Green Economy Day in Homieĺ

On May 25, an information day of the cycle "Promoting Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus: Principles, Mechanisms, Prospects" will be held in Homieĺ. The event will be attended by over 40 managers of major companies, representatives of executive authorities and the academic community, various nongovernmental organizations and journalists.  The event is organized by the EU Delegation to the Republic of Belarus with support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and Homieĺ Region Executive Committee.

The info cycle, which events have already been held in the cities of Brest, Viciebsk, and in Hrodna Region, is aimed at raising public awareness about the green economy principles, present the practical outcomes of miscellaneous projects in this area, and outline the potential drivers of green projects, inter alia, regional.

The thematic focus of the Homieĺ Info Day is the green economy in industry and transport. Mr. Sergey Dorozhko, Professor of the BSU School of Business and Management of Technology, will relate on the practice of organization of a resource-efficient and cleaner protection in Belarusian companies, Mr. Ivan Schedrenkok, Director of Integratsia Foundation, will introduce the most successful examples of the participation of Belarusian cities in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Mr. Anatoly Pankovets, CEO of BMZ-Ecoservice Production Unitary Enterprise, will deliver a presentation "Metallurgical Waste Recyling and Use".

Ms. Olga Chabrovskaya, Manager of the Project "Supporting the transition to a green economy in the Republic of Belarus", will conclude the expert unit with a presentation of interim outcomes of the pilot initiative. The outcomes of this EU-funded and UNDP-implemented project will be proven in practice by the opening of an environmentally safe antifreeze manufacturing facility in Homieĺ (the "Environmental Safety of Coolants for Internal Combustion Engines" initiative of the Business Development Support Agency). The facility will have activation zones, where the event participants will find out about all phases of manufacturing environmentally safe antifreeze.

The next info day will be held in Minsk Region, it will be focused on organic agriculture. As well as the previous events, it will consist of two units: expert and practical. The participants will visit innovative demonstration sites of the Belarusian Green Cross NGO, dedicated to arable farming and organic agriculture, and the Green Roof facility of Pukhavichsky Kray (Puchavičy Land) NGO at Marjina Horka Gymnasium.