image2 19.11.2019

Capacity-building seminar on electricity grid code connection rules for renewable energy generators

On 19 November 2019 the EU4Energy Governance Project held a Capacity-building Seminar on Electricity Grid Code Connection Rules for Renewable Energy Generators.

The main objective of this Seminar was to increase participants’ knowledge on EU and international practices and technical requirements for renewable energy generators connection to the electricity grid. A Framework Guideline for setting up appropriate minimum standards and technical requirements, applicable to renewable energy generators connections to the grid, developed specifically for Belarus, was presented and discussed.

During the Seminar, international experts and invited speakers from Hungary and Kazakhstan presented best examples and practices, and discussed possible mechanisms of integrating such experience in Belarus. Further, participants discussed a set of general principles for the development of Grid connection rules for renewable energy generators, such as system security and reliability, proportionality and non-discrimination, optimisation between efficiency and costs, emergency procedures and special requirements, as well as the institutional responsibilities for defining and adopting electricity grid connection requirements for electricity generators on renewables.


Participants in the Seminar included representatives of Ministry of Energy, SUE "Belenergo", RUE "ODU", Energy Efficiency Department of the State Committee for Standardization, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade, Renewable Energy Association and RES investors.

This technical assistance activity is part of the EU4Energy Project, an EU-supported initiative providing technical assistance to countries of the Eastern Partnership that seek to enhance their energy sectors with best practices of the European Union. In addition to Belarus, the Energy Charter Secretariat also implements this Project in Armenia and Azerbaijan.