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Projects Green Economy, Environment and Sustainable development

The project aims to assist Belarus in implementing its commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and enhance climate resilient development under the Paris Agreement. Low-emissions and climate resilience objectives will be integrated into development policies and plans in the Republic of Belarus through regional initiatives promoting economic diversification and green growth.
Price: € 1 100 000 Status: Time: 2020 - 2022
Together for Community and Nature: Miory District
Sustainable development on regional and local levels is a key priority for the Republic of Belarus in the next few years. Partnership between local authorities and civil society organisations will help unlock the regional potential and give an impulse to its further development.
Price: € 1 085 888 Status: Time: 2019 - 2022
Public Participation and Effective Water Governance in Masty District

In Belarus, rural residents often have to use poor quality drinking water from wells and are unable to use water sanitation services. Masty District is no exception: according to preliminary data, water in 70% wells is exposed to nitrate and biological contamination. It is planned to improve the situation with water supply and sanitation with support from the project of the European Union.

Price: € 645 398 Status: Time: 2019 - 2022
Reinforcement of states’ cooperation and creation of prerequisites for solving common environmental challenges
The successfully implemented project will enable all project participants to efficiently deal with emergencies and accidents at sewage lines by applying general technologies, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, such as suction excavators. The project will make a positive impact on the efforts made in support of the environmental sustainability and protection of the water resources of the transboundary rivers.
Price: € 925 532 Status: Time: 2018 - 2020
Technical Assistance to Support to Effective Air Emissions and Radiation Monitoring, and Improved Environmental Management in Belarus (SAQEM-1 Project)
The per capita share of hazardous air emissions in Belarus is 52% higher than in the European Union. The air quality monitoring and efficient control allow assessing and forecasting they key trends in the air quality changes in order to identify negative effects of natural anthropogenic factors.
Price: € 2 819 400 Status: Time: 2018 - 2020
Civic engagement in environmental monitoring and improving environmental management at the local level (Ecomonitoring)

Environmental monitoring means regular integrated observations of the state of ecosystems and the processes taking place in them. These observations provide for record changes in the environment, providing for making forecasts and taking safeguards against negative consequences. Environmental monitoring is essential in mitigating the increasing impact of human activities on the environment.

Price: € 3 500 000 Status: Time: 2018 - 2022
Cross-border Water Inspectors: Towards Joint Monitoring and Development of Water Resources of the Pripyat River Basin
Small rivers are important sources of drinking water, critical for agricultural development and ecosystem support in entire regions. The Pripyat basin rivers also have an impact on the condition of the Black Sea, into which the Pripyat flows. The Project is designed to preserve and facilitate the development of the regional environment.
Price: € 277 800 Status: Time: 2018 - 2019
Mayors for Economic Growth (EU Initiative for Eastern Partnership region)

The key goals of the Belarus 2016-2020 Social and Economic Development Programme are as follows: recover economic growth, enhance the economy's competitive edge, attract investments and provide for innovative development. A special emphasized is placed on regional and local development. Despite higher economic growth rates demonstrated by regions today, as compared to the national capital, the gap between the lifestyles has been expanding, which poses the threat of sociodemographic degradation of small towns and villages. The Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative offers a state-of-the-art approach to local economic development management that has proved successful throughout the world.

Price: € 4 979 800 Status: Time: 2017 - 2020
Development of urban cycling for public benefit in Belarus
Although many still associate bikes with recreation, the recent years demonstrate a considerable upsurge of interest in the bicycle as a full-fledged vehicle. The 2017 and 2019 comparative opinion polls in Minsk show that people have come to consider cycling as an adequate alternative for traveling on foot or riding a car, though not for using public transportation. Meanwhile, almost all respondents note that the cycling infrastructure should be improved with the focus on legitimizing road cycling.
Price: € 630 173 Status: Time: 2017 - 2020
European Water Initiative Plus for the Easter Partnership (EUWI+ 4 EaP)

Water is a critical resource and a key factor of sustainable development in the Eastern Partnership countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.  However, the problem of regional water body contamination with industrial wastewater and rural waste is highly relevant. The water services coverage of the population is rather high, though the quality is not always adequate. Implementation of the principle of basin water resource management and surface and ground water protection from contamination are priorities of set forth in the Water Strategy of the Republic of Belarus until 2020. The project is aimed at addressing the problems faced by the countries in the water sphere. 

Price: € 24 601 815 Status: Time: 2016 - 2020