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Digital Solidarity Summer School of Women in Tech

Application Deadline: 30 July, 2022
Summer School: 3-9 September, 2022
Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania
Slots available: 10 participants

Digital Solidarity Summer School of Women in Tech is a 7-day intensive interactive training course comprising discussion of various digital solidarity practices through the feminist lens, elaboration of new strategies for overcoming disunity and gender inequality. The programme is focused on the experience of Eastern Europe, primarily, Belarus.
During the week, the participants will work along with the experts on a collective project dedicated to the gender aspects of digital solidarity; they will be engaged in mapping, compilation of a glossary and description of existing and potential strategies of female digital solidarity.
The project prototype is to be built and implemented by the end of the Summer School. The Summer School outcomes will be presented at the international academic conference “Women in Tech: Gender and Non-/Material Work”, which is to be held in Vilnius in December 2022.

Eligible participants:
- female artists working in the field of activist practices, participatory art, educational projects
- female researchers studying the gender aspects of work in the field of IT and new technologies from the perspective of solidarity infrastructure development
- female activists and NGO representatives whose focus and practice lie at the intersection of women’s rights and information technology, digital activism

The project is primarily focused on the participants who are involved in the Belarusian context and/or who are nationals of the Republic of Belarus
1. The Summer School attendance is free of charge
2. The organizers provide grants to cover the cost of travel (for up to 200 euros), accommodation and meals during the School period
3. A separate project allocation will be provided in the programme budget

How to attend the School?
To attend the Summer School, please fill in and send the online registration form attaching your CV and a motivation letter of up to 600 words.
Application deadline: 30 July, 2022.

Contact information:

Women in Tech Programme is an educational and research infrastructure project aimed at supporting women in IT, encouraging research at the intersection of technology and feminism, fostering gender equality in the field of high technology. The project is co-implemented with the EHU Centre for Gender Studies with support from the European Union