image2 14.08.2018

Transboundary cooperation – the topic of the new issue of Eurobulletin

The new Eurobulletin issue is dedicated to transboundary projects under implementation in Belarus.
Alexander Panko gave an account of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine project that will provide for renovation of Brest and Łosice hospitals, and for improving the sanitary infrastructure in Žabinka and Terespol. Both projects will support lifestyle improvement in boundary regions

Brest District received about €700,000 worth of investments through improvement of joint projects on road infrastructure improvement in the border region. Sergey Golovenko gave a detailed account of the items of implementation of the new road construction project in Znamenka agro-town.

Prince Antoni Tyzenhauz was a prominent figure in Hrodna and the Polish town of Sokółka due to his active role in the region's economic development in the 18th century. Danuta Polubenskaya said that the border regions of Belarus and Poland intend to use the Tyzenhauz's heritage for attracting tourists.

Svetlana Poddubnaya and Nikolay Lukashuk shared information about two environmental management projects co-implemented by Belarus and Ukraine within the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme. One project will help conserve small rivers in the border region, the other – the famous cranberry fields of the Almanskija Bogs.

Vladimir Mazalov gave an account about the Belarus/Ukraine project on canis therapy development in the border regions, and Valeriya Makhnorylova gave examples of several fascinating projects with the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus transboundary cooperation programme.

The issue is concluded with a block of news, inter alia, on the opening of a barrier-free eco-trail in Naliboki Forest.