image2 17.07.2019

EUWI+: a new tender to improve water management in Dniepr River Basin

A new tender concerning the development of sub-basin management plans for Uza river and urban rivers in Mahilioŭ, both in Dniepr river basin, is published. This tender is dedicated to Belarusian experts for the European Water Initiative Plus for the Easter Partnership (EUWI+) Project.

About the EUWI+ Project

The EUWI+ project addresses existing challenges in both development and implementation of efficient management of water resources. It specifically supports the Eastern Partnership countries to move towards the approximation to EU acquis in the field of water management with a focus on transboundary river basin management. The overall objective of the project is to improve the management of water resources in the EaP countries.

The Project activities and its planned results are linked to the National strategy for sustainable social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus for the period up to 2030, Water Strategy of the Republic of Belarus for the period up to 2020 and Strategy of Water Resources Management in the conditions of climate change for the period till 2030.

About assignment

The assignment will contribute to improve water resources management in river basins of poor water quality. The work will help to achieve a greater level to protect some of small watercourses and rivers in Mahilioŭ and Homieĺ districts then reduce the anthropogenic effects on the Dnieper River.

The Terms of Reference are available here.

Duration of the assessment will be up to 12 months and is expected to start from August 2019 and finish on July 2020. The contractor will have to inform regularly the experts’ team about the problems and the progress. The experts’ team will be allowed to question the contractor.

During the assignment, with the significant support of the project team, the consultant will work in the spirit of European Guidance documents developed in the Frame of the Common Implementation Strategy.

Deadline for submission of the technical and financial offer is 29th July 2019, 5:00 PM (CET).


Interested parties (individual and legal persons) are invited to inquire the full tender dossier containing instructions and further information about the tender procedure from:

- Ms. Ilke CICEKOGLU, Project Assistant, International Office for Water (IOW):

- Mr. Philippe SEGUIN, Project Manager, International Office for Water (IOW):