image2 06.07.2020

Is your apartment safe for a child?

Anastasia learned that an apartment may be a dangerous place for a small child by chance. In Viber chat for young parents there was news published about the initiative “Children in Safety”.

– My daughter turned one year back then, – recalls the young mother. At this age, children become more active: they learn to walk, run, examine the shelves, outlets and everything they come across. Therefore, I got interested in the issue of safety.

“As adults, we think that we know it all. But that’s not true” 

First, Anastasia went through the interactive map for young parents. Based on the example of a real apartment, a test was created: one has to go through the potentially dangerous places for the child. For example, a shelf with sharp ends in the corridor, an open socket in the bedroom and medicines on the bedside table that someone left there.


– In fact, I had to take the test a few times to pass it. There are 14 dangerous spots on the photo, I managed to find only 6 of these, – recalls Anastasia. – I was very impressed.

Back then we lived in an apartment that was not adjusted to the child: a lot of sharp angles, outlets, staircase. As adults, we think that we know it all. But that’s not true. Basic things that we don’t even pay attention to, may injure a child.

That is how the mother came to the training session. The specialists gave a detailed outline of the potentially dangerous spots for children, they explained how to adjust the apartment to avoid injuries.


– On the chat I saw the following messages: “Girls, what do you do if the child fell down from a chair?” or “Where do I go if my daughter hit her head on the angle of a cabinet?”. Therefore, the training course changed my attitude on what should the apartment look like.

“When I come to visit, I take a close look around – that’s a habit of mine”

– Now we live in a new apartment where we did take these issues into account. All the equipment is out of rich of the child, there are stoppers on the doors to ensure finger pinch guard. Outlets are protected as well as the corners.

Now I professionally detect dangerous spots. When I come to visit, I take a close look around – that’s a habit of mine. I think this is a useful skill for everyone.


The idea of the “Children in Safety” initiative is to train parents on creating safe environment for children. Why don’t you try to go through the interactive map. Will you pass it at first attempt?

The Initiative was implemented under the BELMED Project which is funded by the European Union and co-implemented by UNDP, WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA in partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. Implementing Agency: Information and Educational Institution Information and Practical Institution “Maternity and Childhood Support Center”.

Photo by: Sergei Gapon