image2 04.10.2019

Neighbours Inspire! campaign to present the Transboundary Cooperation Programmes

Neighbours Inspire! is the title of a communication campaign that will be held in Minsk and regional capitals of the country on the initiative of the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus. The campaign is aimed at highlighting the outcomes and outlining the prospects of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine and Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus programmes of transboundary cooperation.

The six video stories posted at the special page of offer a detailed account of the projects in the fields of culture, healthcare, border security and tourism.

The Faces of Projects section will introduce you to the transboundary cooperation activists: quite a few of them have many years of experience under their belts, as well as numerous achievements one may be proud of. In cooperation with their colleagues from Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, they achieve critical results both sides. With their efforts, they inspire each other to undertake new ambitious projects.

Let’s get acquainted: Neighbours Inspire!