image2 31.05.2018

Presentation of the Green Bike Ring – a unique cycling route – to be held in Minsk

A presentation of the Green Bike Ring of Minsk (a cycling route) will be held in Minsk on the UN World Bicycle Day, July 3. Amateur cyclists, urban activists, journalists and everyone interested in seeing the megalopolis green trails are invited. Attendance is free, subject to prior registration.

The excursion will be conducted by Pavel Gorbunov and Maxim Puchinsky from the Minsk Cycling Society.

The entire excursion will run 70 km across Minsk water/green sights, and last about 8 hours. You are welcome to join the excursion at any time.

– We, the Minsk Cycling Society team, have already tested the route, explains MCS Chair Pavel Gorbunov - The idea is to show Minsk dwellers yet another option of taking a bike ride across the 'green' Minsk in addition to the existing Svislač bikeway. We would like to put forward a motion about upgrading many parts of that cycling route along the Minsk water ring into proper bikeways.
Pavel Gorbunov is positive that even Minsk residents have not seen to some spots along that route. Some Minsk perspectives will be absolutely striking.

Moreover, this way the route may carry out transportation function and expedite travelling between city districts via less polluted and often more direct routes.
A cherry on the cake of the Green Bike Ring excursion will be the Drazdy-Cnianka water/green link, where the event participants will enjoy a number of welcome surprises.
The cycling route presentation will start at the National Library (116 Nezavisimasci Ave) at 11.00, June 3.
You are welcome to join the event at the following points:
1. St John's Cathedral, 28 Plekhanov St (@ 12.15)
2. Lošyca Park Central Ring, by the Stage (@ 13.00)
3. Globo Mall, 54 Umanskaya St (@ 15.30)
4. McDonald's, 58 Pritytsky St, near to Skala Mall (@ 16.10)
5. United Company Filling Station # 8, next to Minsk Arena (@ 16.50)

The excursion will be held at 12-15 kmh without special stops for shopping. We encourage all participants to consider their abilities in advance, and take care of adequate food and drink provisions for the ride.
The event is organized by the Minsk Cycling Society under the EU-funded Urban Cycling Project.