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The residents of Polack will share their opinions on the quality of city lighting

The residents of Polack will participate in a survey on the quality of city lighting from January 20 to February 10. The results of the study will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the PubLiCity project, due to which new lighting of central streets and city objects have appeared in the city.

The survey will be conducted, first of all, among residents of the central and main streets of Polack, employees of large state enterprises, as well as employees of private companies located in the city center. In addition, it is possible to take part in the survey by filling out a simple online form.

The obtained information will allow us to understand whether the residents of the city are happy with the new lighting. A similar survey was already conducted in November 2015, before the start of modernization. You can see the results of the survey 2015 here. The results of the new survey and conclusions on whether, according to the residents of Polack, PubLiCity project contributed to the improvement of city lighting, will be available at the end of February.

The modernization of Polack lighting is almost terminated. All the decorative lighting on the buildings and monuments of Polack is already functioning, including new lighting on most of the central streets of the city. The conference that will be held in Polack on February 19 will complete the project.


As a result of the PubLiCity project, 1874 new LED lamps will appear in 28 streets of Polack, as well as 12 autonomous solar-powered lamps, 310 new lighting poles, more than 30 km of wires and about 20 km of cables for various purposes, 34 automatic lighting control cabinets, and 26 city objects with new decorative lighting (buildings, monuments, a bridge over the Zachodniaja Dzvina, stair to St. Safija Cathedral, Francysk Skaryna Avenue). 


The project will allow Polack to reduce energy consumption by 265 megawatt hours and reduce CO2 emissions by 120 tons per year.

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Photo – Vitaly Sharstuk.