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Three new 'green' projects were launched in Navahrudak District with the EU support

On July 12, pilot projects implemented with the financial support from the European Union in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus and Navahrudak District Executive Committee were officially opened in the town and district of Navahrudak.

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A wind power plant (capacity: 2.5 MW, tower height: 100 meters, blade length: 50 meters, rotor diameter: 100 meters) was put into operation in the village of Hrabniki under the Green Economy in Belarus project. 

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The project was coordinated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus.

The opening ceremonies were attended by Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the European Union Delegation to Belarus, Ambassador; Mikhail Malashenko, Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, Director of the Energy Efficiency Department; Anatoly Markevich, Chairperson of Navahrudak District Executive Committee.


At the wind power plant opening ceremony, Ms Andrea Wiktorin said: "I am happy that this wind turbine will belong to the training centre of the Ministry of Nature, and that it will generate financial benefits. That will allow the centre to underpin its activities with a financial footing and develop additional curricula, while providing training and learning opportunities to would-be professionals".

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Two pilot projects were launched simultaneously within the project on RES Development in Navahrudak District - Road map for Ecological Clean Area.

A training and consulting center for renewable energy sources was opened in the Navahrudak state agrarian college. 

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Joint expenses of the European Union and Navahrudak District Executive Committee on the project implementation amounted to €40,000. Special simulation equipment and software allow making more demonstrative and efficient consultations for the district residents on the topics of saving electricity, heat, hot and cold water.

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The Navahrudak Central District Hospital received a new solar energy-based hot water supply system.

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The construction funding of €240,000 was provided by the European Union and Navahrudak District Executive Committee. 40 heat collectors with a capacity of 117.6 kW, 2 heat pumps with a capacity of 18 kW each and auxiliary equipment were installed to provide for 24-hour year-round hot water supply of the hospital's maternity ward.

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The pilot project provides the district hospital with its own heat source (for hot water supply). The budget savings will amount to approximately €7,000.