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Women in Tech launches a free mentoring programme

A mentoring programme under the Women in Tech educational project gets under way. It is aimed at women who are already employed in IT and wish to make a career break with the help of a mentor and a like-minded community. The application submission deadline is 23 October.

The Women in Tech mentoring programme will help female IT professionals to get a clearer picture of their career options, formulate their goals, design their career plans, get support from the community and find new professional connections.

“Although IT is a rather progressive and democratic industry, women are still facing stereotypes and career barriers there; many hit a “glass ceiling”. We are unable to solve the problem on the global level, but we have created the opportunity for 120 programme participants to make such a professional boost. We believe that the mentor and community support will provide women with tools for expediting and facilitating their career growth” –
says a coordinator of the Women in Tech mentoring programme.

Who is eligible to take part in the mentoring programme?

The programme is aimed at women who have been employed in IT for more than 2 years and who feel that their careers have stopped or hit a “glass ceiling”. It provides an opportunity for those who are in search for a new job, or for those who would like to move, e.g., from a local company to a global one. The programme will also be useful for those who experience difficulties with adapting to a new position, or those who feel at loss after a move and who finds it difficult to get used to a new environment. With the mentor and community support, the participants will have an opportunity to have a look back at their careers, set new professional targets, map out their career paths and make the first successful steps.

How will the programme go?

The Women in Tech mentoring programme will last 3 months when the participants will work with a mentor (8-12 personal sessions), exchange their experience and mutual support with each other in mini-groups, develop their soft skills during master classes, meet accomplished professionals from the sector, and take part in the community networking.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a female or male educator, an IT professional with an interesting career path, who is willing to help others and share their knowledge and experience. The mentors will help their mentees to sort out career opportunities, define their goals, find their points of growth, provide a fair and constructive feedback

By the way, the project is also outsourcing mentors for the programme. A mentor is a female or male IT professional with more than 5 years of experience in the sector, who enjoys working with people, sharing their knowledge and who would like to join the community. Their participation in the mentoring programme will allow a prospective mentor to develop their mentoring skills, reinforce their expert status, exchange experience with other IT professionals and find new professional contacts. The submission deadline for the mentor questionnaires is 21 October.

More details about the programme and participation terms:

The Women in Tech project is implemented in partnership with the EHU Gender Studies Centre, with the financial support from the European Union