image2 06.09.2019

You are invited to the Miory Cranes and Cranberries Eco Festival, 15 September

Venue: Peninsula City Park, Miory.

Beginning: 11.00, opening ceremony: 13.00

The Miory Cranes and Cranberries is held in Miory District in September every year since 2012.

The venue and timing of the unusual festival were chosen for a reason: September is the time, when the cranberry harvesting season begins, while the local Jeĺnia bog ranks the first in the berry stock in both Belarus and Europe. Moreover, every year, the Miory land hosts more than 4,000 gravy cranes and dozens of thousands of geese of various species stopping over in Jeĺnia bog during their autumn migration. The local residents refer to the berries and birds as the unique features of the Miory land.

During the festival, a free bus will be taking visitors from the district capita town to nearby fields with birds feeding there in the daylight hours. All people interested will have an opportunity to watch oodles of gravy cranes and take unforgettable photos. The excursions will be held by professional ornithologists.

In addition to the exciting meetings with the birds, the festival guests will be able to take part in eco-games and vote for the best farm of Miory District in the nomination titled “The Wealth of Jeĺnia in Our Backyard”, buy hand-made souvenirs from local artisans in memory of the festival, taste cranberry-based drinks and sweet treats, and stock up with the berries for winter.