School for parents. Promoting positive parenting in Belarus

About of project:

Project Period: 08.01.2014 – 07.01.2017

Budget: € 303,709; EU contribution – € 268,752

Implementing Agency: SOS Children's Villages (International NGO)

Location: Mahilioŭ and Mahilioŭ Region, Minsk and Minsk District, Brest, Homiel, Hrodna, Viciebsk


Families bringing up orphans often lack knowledge and skills about how to interact with the children's biological parents and to settle conflicts.

Goals and Objectives: Support foster and guardian families; provide them with the information needed; reinforce practical skills in children’s upbringing and education.

Intermediate Outcomes: The School for Parents became the Project’s key training center. Its classes are designed for parents and children, as well as social and education workers, who then provide their own consultations.

The staff of the center provide support to foster and guardian families struggling through periods of difficult relationships. Such families may live from one month to a year in the Mahilioŭ SOS-Children's Village, where adults and children receive individual psychological, pedagogical and social support.

The School for Parents also trains candidates for parents/educators from state-run family-based homes; it raises the parents' pedagogical level and arranges consultations and seminars on legal issues. It also forms self-help and self-support groups for parents, foster parents, and parents/educators from family-based children's homes.

As of April 2016, the Project provided support to more than 800 children from 233 families, and to 346 parents. Five training programs on how to bring up children efficiently were developed for parents. 15 thematic training workshops and seminars were held for 396 professionals dealing with foster and guardian families.

The situation of orphans was brought to the attention of a wide audience through interaction with mass media. In particular, three video clips were developed in cooperation with Mahilioŭ TV and Radio Broadcasting Company; the regional TV channel broadcasts these clips.

Points of Contact:

Tatiana Burova, Deputy General Director, SOS Children's Villages NGO

+375 17 306 45 12, +375 29 688 97 87,