image2 09.03.2020

CBC campaign for schools launched!

TOGETHER FOR GREENER TOMORROW! Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine invites school teams to take part in the Cross-Border Educational Campaign.

24 selected teams from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine (8 teams per country) will be invited to meet together and take part in the Final Event on 17-20th September 2020 in Brest (Belarus).

Then, during the games, workshops and other activities, the participants from three countries will cooperate in mixed cross-border international teams. The teenagers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, skills and knowledge as well as make new friends and have exciting experiences of working in common with the aim to preserve our joint cross-border nature!

Teams from Belarus can be from Hrodna, Brest, Minsk and Homieĺ regions. Application is open for students aged 12-16 (not graduating classes). The team must be accompanied by one teacher (head of the team). Each school can submit only one application.

All applications documents can be downloaded here.

Applications should be sent to the Belarusian Branch Office in Brest:

Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland–Belarus–Ukraine
Branch Office in Brest
Brest Transboundary Infocentre
46, Savieckaja St., 224005 Brest, Belarus
e-mail address:

The deadline for submission of BOTH (paper and electronic) applications is 8th May 2020 (date of receipt of documents in the relevant Branch Office). The e-applications must be sent to the e-mail of the corresponding Branch Office till 14:00 (of local time) on 8th May 2020.

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