image2 03.02.2020

Competition of local initiatives started in Miory. Total financing fund – 200 thousand euros

On January 23, a competition of local initiatives started in Miory. Applications will be accepted until March 31, and the results will be announced in May.

The purpose of the competition: supporting of the society and entrepreneurship activity, involvement of the community of Miory district in the work to preserve the unique natural potential of the district through development of the cultural and creative sector, coupled with improvement of the level of social infrastructure and small businesses in district.

The competition of local initiatives in Miory will be held for the first time, which makes a peculiar stamp on its implementation. At present, local people have hazy notion on participation in grant programs and have not enough experience in project management. But thanks to the implementation of the project "Together for Community and Nature: Strengthening of Development Process in Miory District by Partnership of Authorities and Civil Society", the local community has an unique opportunity to take the initiative and prove that it is not superheroes who make the world better, but ordinary people.

Project applications can be submitted by non-state public associations, public associations, councils of deputies, representatives of agroecotourism, small and medium businesses, farms. The work circle is wide, there are enough directions of activity, it remains only to put everything on paper and to receive financial means for realization of the idea. It has to be noted that 10 initiatives will be supported: 2 initiatives with 60 thousand euros and 8 initiatives with 10 thousand euros.

Photo – Vadim Puchinsky