Together for Community and Nature: Miory District

About of project:

Period: 01.05.2019 – 30.04.2022

Budget: €1,085,888; EU contribution: €975,888

Implementing agency: Miory District Executive Committee 

Partners: APB-Birdlife NGO (Belarus), Latvian Rural Forum (Riga, Latvia)

Location: Miory District, Republic of Belarus


Sustainable development on regional and local levels is a key priority for the Republic of Belarus in the next few years. Partnership between local authorities and civil society organisations will help unlock the regional potential and give an impulse to its further development.

Goal and objectives: The project provides for drafting the Miory District Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS). It will be oriented at developing local community initiative and responsibility, supporting the biological and cultural diversity, developing the social infrastructure and green economy. There are plans for awareness-raising and training activities for local authorities on issues of local development based on the EU experience. The project implementation will facilitate active engagement of local residents in efforts on preservation of the unique natural potential of Miory District.

Interim outcomes: Perabrodskaja Zorka Folk Art Festival was organized in village of Pierabroddzie; it comprised master classes on Belarusian folk crafts and dances, Maciejkavy Ramiostvy museum corner, Nash Lios – Pierabroddzie photo exhibition, performance of Vierbica folk music group, Aziarnica and Stary Olsa bands.

Miory District Executive Committee and general community representatives held a working meeting on establishment of the Miory District SDS Community Council at the Miory District Council of Deputies. The first inception seminar on the Miory District SDS development was held in August of 2019.

The first project year provides for seminars on local initiatives, gender equality and equal opportunities, information meetings for schools, a volunteer camp, a journalist press tour and sports events.

The project provides for procurement of an ambulance vehicle, construction of athletic and tourist venues, landscaping of district beaches and the Peninsula – the main town location for mass events. In addition, bird watching towns and two campsites will be built, and the existing Azioraŭki-Jeĺnia eco-path will be extended.

The second project year provides for financial support of local initiatives, which should trigger entrepreneurship development in Miory District: i.e., those, who have interesting ideas, will receive an opportunity to implement them and serve as an example for others.

Contacts: Aleg Sivagrakov, Project Manager

+ 375 29 626 46 86,

Documents: Information booklet (belarusian language)