image2 21.07.2020

EBRD Know-How Academy will help cope with the crisis

To advance in the modern world, one has to keep running, studying new things and learning from other people’s experience, trying and experimenting, which is even more relevant in business. Summer is a great time for self-development and self-education.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) suggests taking 30 minutes to learn free-of-charge at the Know-How Academy. The Know How a Crisis programme already has two available modules on relations with customers and suppliers, as well as on corporate finance management. The Financing Your Firm module will be made available soon.

Within the programme, you will acquire knew systemic knowledge from the leading consulting companies of the world; you will be able to save the checklists and recommendations for your actions during a crisis and subsequent recovery.

The Academy is accessible in Russian both from a PC and a mobile phone. For mobile access, you need to download Go.Learn app and then enter the Academy address after the installation.

More registration details are available here.