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Green Economy Days Held in Five Regions of Belarus

The information cycle "Promoting Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus: Principles, Mechanisms, Prospects" began on April 19 in Brest, and was held in May – early June in Viciebsk, Hrodna, Homieĺ and Minsk Regions. The events were organized by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Belarus with support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and from region executive committees.


The info days were mostly oriented at representatives of local executive authorities, local council deputies, major business executives and journalists. Their objective is to expand awareness about the green economy principles, demonstrate the outcomes of projects in that sphere and outline the opportunities that could serve as drivers for implementing green projects in the region.


The event agenda was structured so as to provide for a comprehensive coverage of the green economy issues: the experts delivered their speeches in the first half of the day, while the second half of the event offered practical activities at green project sites and manufacturing facilities.


The expert pool comprised representatives of nongovernmental organizations, academic and high school community: the Chairperson of Eco Partnership IPO Ms. Yulia Yablonskaia, the Director of Interaktsia Foundation Mr. Ivan Schedrenok, Coordinators of the Centre for Environmental Solutions Mr. Lyubomir Klepach and Dmitry Burenkin, Professor of the BSU School of Business and Management of Technology Mr. Sergey Dorozhko, Director of the Polesie Agrarian/Ecological Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Mr. Nikolay Mikhalchuk, the Director of Liachavičy State Agrarian College Ms. Elena Abarova.

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Speeches were also delivered by leading Belarusian professionals: Deputy Chief Engineering Officer of "Krasny Borets" Orsha Machine Building Plant Mr. Vitaly Krutko, representatives of the Hrodna Voblast Association of Farmers Mr. Vladimir Ushkevich and Elena Khvaschevskaya, Deputy CEO of BELINECOMP Engineering and Environmental Centre Mr. Vladimir Adamovich, CEO of BMZ-Ecoservice Production Unitary Enterprise Mr. Anatoly Pankovets.


30 speakers in total delivered speeches to the info day participants. The presentation topics, in particular, covered organic agriculture, waste management, resource-efficient and cleaner production, urban mobility, eco-business mechanisms, tourism, cutting-edge methods of developing 'green thinking' among the public.


The second half of the info days covered presentations of the outcomes of initiatives implemented under the EU-funded/UNDP-implemented project "Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus".  In Brest, the audience learned about the initiatives "Development of a Waste Wood Chipping Facility" and "Vodar Belavezhzha Organic Production and Eco Product Promotion". The Hrodna Voblast info day was held at Aziory State Establishment for Nature Protection with a presentation of the initiative "Expansion of the Tourist Capacity of Belarusian Specially Protected Natural Areas. In Homiel, the attendees took part in the ceremony of opening of an environmentally safe antifreeze manufacturing facility (the initiative "Environmental Safety of Coolants for Internal Combustion Engines").

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In Minsk Voblast, the event was held at the site of the Green Cross Belarus pilot initiative "Development of a Network of Innovative/Demonstration Sites on Arable Farming and Organic Agriculture". The info day was concluded by a visit to the Green Roof Facility at Marjina Horka Gymnasium; the tour was guided by the Building Roof Greening initiative of Pukhavichsky Kray NGO. 


The information cycle brought together more than 250 participants from 35 regions and five voblasts of Belarus including almost 100 public servants and as many representatives of nongovernmental and commercial organizations. The events were attended by more than 30 media representatives; more than 50 unique publications were made in the info space to help a wide circle of people learn about green economy promotion in Belarus.