image2 26.01.2018

Green Economy Projects – the Theme of New Eurobulletin Issue

The new Eurobulletin issue is dedicated to the Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus Project implemented by United Nations Development Programme with financial support from the European Union.

In the cover story, Ms. Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus, and Mr. Andrei Khudyk, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, shared their views, why cooperation in the sphere of green economy is found a high priority for Belarus and the EU.

Ms. Olga Chabrovskaya, the Project Coordinator, recounted the key project goals and achievements, as well as green initiatives implemented under the project in various spheres.

Ms. Alexei Kashin gave an account of the launch of a high-quality office paper manufacturing from recycled materials in Barysaŭ. A new waste paper reclamation line was installed at the Goznak Paper Factory.

Unless properly disposed of, ethylene glycol-based automotive coolants may harm the environment. Ms. Elena Verbitskaya gave an account about establishment of a facility at Gomelkhimtorg Company, for manufacturing environmentally safe antifreezes that do not require special disposal procedures.

In the Kamianiec District, seven farmsteads are engaged in manufacturing herbal teas and beekeeping. Ms. Ekaterina Kosykh shared her experience with organic production and promotion of eco-products.

Mr. Mikhail Dubovik gave an account about construction of a green roof at Marjina Horka Gymnasium No. 5, and Ms. Marina Borovko referred to the case of Milkavita OJSC to explain about the disposal of dairy production waste with a profit to the company.

The issue is concluded with a block of news including the statement of Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union, on the World Human Rights Day and the opinion poll held by the European Commission on the Schengen visa issuance procedure.