image2 20.06.2018

Сlimate neutral transport day in Braslaǔ

The Sustainable Energy Week is going in Braslaǔ. Together with traffic police patrol worked unusual team - the climate group. About 30 were listening to a mini-lectures about transport and why it is important to walk more and a more use "green" transport - a bicycles or scooters, less - a personal car. Such habits of people reduce air pollution and help the city quickly reach climate neutrality.

The same evening, a family cycling relay race started from the beach town: five teams had to drive to the forest belt, a few stops intelligent pass. On each of them teams solved environmental challenges and tasks on climate issues, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
This activity comes within the framework of the project "Braslaǔ district - the first climate-neutral municipality in Belarus", which is funded by the European Union.