image2 30.11.2018

Support to local development — the theme of the next issue of Eurobulletin

The new issue of Eurobulletin is dedicated to projects that help local authorities, civil society organisations and activists jointly solve local issues, and facilitate improvement of living standards.

Ms Inna Kravchenok gave an account of the Learn to Act project. It is mainly aimed at providing support with exercising the right for lifelong education. The project enable vulnerable people to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to find a decent job in future.

Ms Victoria Savelieva shared information about the outcomes of implementation of the Wasting No Time initiative, BELMED project. E-bikes were procured under the project for 18 health and obstetric centres of Sianno District, Viciebsk Region, which allowed drastically reducing the paramedics' time of travel to patients.

Ms Oksana Veremeyuk dwelled on the creation of a rehabilitation and health-improving centre in Brest District. Now, persons with musculoskeletal disorders and elderly persons are able to go in for various types of physical activity and learnt the healthy lifestyle skills.

Ms Yelena Molochka shared the story of creation of the Agricultural Innovation Centre in Brahin District of Homieĺ Region. Owing to the project, 15 families learnt to efficiently use their private subsidiary plots to their own and their district's economic advantage.

Ms Karina Solovey told, how a new fascinating hobby – birdwatching – both teaches Belarusians to respect nature and helps engaged them in the healthy lifestyle.

The issue is concluded with a block of news, inter alia, on the final conference of the Support to Local Development in the Republic of Belarus project.