image2 31.01.2022

The Eastern Partnership startup ecosystem platform is now live!

EU4Digital officially launched a startup ecosystem platform for the Eastern partner countries. This solution is designed to act as a key tool for tracking the regional startup ecosystem landscape and will provide intelligence on startups, innovations, investors and funding rounds, and many other insights.

The new year has brought new digital solutions into the startup scene in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries with the launch of the EaP startup ecosystem platform by the EU4Digital Facility and its technical partner The platform is aimed at: facilitating data-driven policy- and decision-making for the development of the startup ecosystem in the region; sharing cross-industry knowledge; and fostering the partnerships required to help the next generation of innovators succeed on the global stage.

The interactive platform has already gathered more than 2 500 startups alongside a broad range of other participants. The first insights have been made based on the platform data, for example that the startups on the platform now have a combined enterprise value of more than €62 billion, and made €668 million in 2021. Other examples of data on the platform:

The platform is now open for registration, offering its users matchmaking tools, trusted insights into the startup and tech ecosystem in Eastern partner countries, as well as information on macro-level trends to support data-driven policy- and business decision-making. The platform benefits a broad range of users:

  • government institutions and policymakers;
  • VCs, angel investors, and other investors;
  • startups and scaleups;
  • researchers and journalists;
  • universities, service providers, accelerators.

Learn more about the platform from EU4Digital’s technical partner here.

EU4Digital invites you to take the initiative and contribute to the acceleration of the EaP startup ecosystem by sharing this opportunity on your networks and becoming a part of the ecosystem!

If you have any questions on how to use the platform, you may always ask them directly on the platform via the chat box or approach customer support. For any questions regarding collaboration, data-sharing or promoting the platform, you are welcome to reach out via email: or