image2 14.04.2020

The European Union will support three new business initiatives to improve business environment in provinces of Belarus

Three new initiatives aimed at establishing business support infrastructure in Barysaŭ, Braslaŭ and Chojniki districts are announced as the winners of the additional contest of initiatives held under “Support to Economic Development at the Local Level in the Republic of Belarus” project, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus. The total amount of the allocated support is USD 250,000.

The initiatives will help the local businesses to enhance their response to economic changes in a situation of uncertainty caused by such emergencies as COVID-19. Moreover, the new initiatives will facilitate the creation of new jobs, improve business sustainability and increase the number of small and medium businesses.

So, in Barysaŭ district, Minsk region, a regional technology park "Inkata-Bor" will offer the entrepreneurs educational, engineering and consulting services to boost innovation. It is planned that at the time of the completion of the initiative in 2021 the number of residents of technopark will be at least 16, and the number of employees will reach 28 people. According to the plans, the innovative output of Inkata-Bor technology park residents will amount to at least 1.3 million US dollars in 2021.

An Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Agritourism Support Center will open doors for local entrepreneurs in Braslaŭ district, Vitеbsk region. Entrepreneurs will be offered ready-made solutions and practical tools for starting and developing business in rural areas. The initiative will develop two Internet platforms – a single interactive map of the area – business navigator, and a platform that offers business trainings - a business school. During the implementation of the initiative, at least 50 new jobs will be created. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises will see an annual increase by at least 15%.

The “Launchpad" Business Support Center will be created in Chojniki district, Homieĺ region. The center will organize a series of business trainings for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses, self-employed, youth, and women. More than 90 local residents will increase their competencies in business planning, business digitalization, business partnership development and entering new markets. Fifteen companies and 80 entrepreneurs will receive assistance in business management, legal and accounting support, website development.

The initiatives will be implemented in cooperation with local business incubators, regional and district executive committees, banks, educational institutions, mass media, and entrepreneurs.

Thirty-one initiatives from six pilot districts were submitted to the contest in January – February 2020. Twenty-nine applications were accepted for consideration.