image2 30.10.2018

The new movie will talk about climate neutrality in Braslaŭ

To share the experience of the Braslaŭ district, which is now supported by the European Union is implementing a project to contribute to climate neutrality, in the region removed themed movie. In the future, it will be showed to all the local administration of Belarus and Ukraine, which signed Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Сrew from Ukraine visited Braslaŭ for this, they were creating a documentary for the participating regions Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in Eastern Europe.

As the head of the project from Braslaŭ regional executive committee Elena Giron, the crew was working in the area for two days and tried to shoot the material of everything that could bring to life during the implementation of local initiatives. The shooting took place not only in the beautiful surroundings Braslaŭ region, but also on the main demonstration site: TMO boiler, brukovanka, in the public kindergarten, public information center - where personally seen the results of the project.