image2 06.04.2021

You have no idea, where you can go on a vacation? Take a minute to get inspired.

Belarus knows how to surprise. Have you been to Miory District – the very north of the country? Let yourself get carried away there for a minute to draw the inspiration for an actual trip that will stand out in your mind for a long time.

The video clip providing a view of the most fascinating spots in Miory land was made under the project “Together for Community and Nature: Strengthening of Development Process in Miory District by Partnership of Authorities and Civil Society”, which is implemented by Miory District Executive Committee in partnership with APB-Birdlife nongovernmental organization and Latvian Rural Forum, and financed by the European Union.

The video clip was developed by Moloko Creative Design Agency that was involved in the development of the Miory District brand, which was the first in its kind in Belarus.

- This time, April, is great for traveling in Miory District – notes Alesia Basharymava, ABP Public Relations Specialist. – Storks have come back to the bogs covered with cottongrass flowers. The grouse have begun lekking – a sight you would not forget, even if you saw it once. Grouse hunting is closed in Miory District now; the lekking birds are not shot at, and one can watch them at peace by ordering such an unusual excursion in Jielnia Reserve. Do visit the Viata falls: the river is at its fullest at the moment.

The tourist infrastructure is developed in Miory District under the project with more and more locations for active and memorable recreation coming up.

The coronavirus pandemic has been on for more than a year, and foreign travel has become much more difficult, than before. However, you can change your surroundings without leaving Belarus. Miory District is a great place to shake off your stress and burnout, recharge your batteries and gain new experiences.

Media contact person: Natalia Sarakavik, APB Tourism Development Specialist.