image2 19.06.2019

We are inviting activists to take part in a two-day workshop on fundraising

A training workshop on All Aspects of the Search for Financial Stability will be held in Minsk on 6-7 July. The event will be beneficial to representatives of nongovernmental organisations and initiatives. We shall be happy to meet cycling and environmental activists.

Key topics:

- What fundraising is; types of fundraising.
- Legal aspects of financial aid.
- Key challenges of the financial stability of non-commercial organisations.
- The current trends: crowd funding and social entrepreneurship
- Image and public relations management. Impact of PR technologies on the search for funding.
- Methods of working with donors and grant applications.
- NCO financial management: how to plan your budget, keep documents, manage co-financing. Moneyless operation options. Public accountability.

Attendance is free, though registration is required. Applications are due on or before 27 June. The number of participants is limited.

The organisers will provide for a transfer from Minsk, catering and accommodation; they shall also reimburse non-resident participants’ expenses on travel to Minsk. The selected participants will be made aware about all organisational matters upon confirmation of their attendance.

This is going to be the third and final workshop in a cycle of events for regional activists. The Big Start for Young Organisations and Initiatives and Effective Communications: Eloquence and Discussion on Cycling Topics workshops have been held before.

The events are co-organised by the Minsk Cycling Community and the Centre for Environmental Solutions under the Cycling Movement in Belarus project with the EU financial support.