Development of Approaches to Harmonization of Comprehensive Internationalization Strategies in Higher Education, Research and Innovation in the EU and Partner Countries/HARMONY

About of project:

Period: 15.10.2015- 14.10.2018

Budget: €986,645.66, EU contribution €894,216.66, budget for Belarus €143,146

Implementing Agency:

Belarusian State University, Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperation, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Locations: The project consortium comprises 13 universities, 3 ministries, 1 centre; it covers the following countries: Armenia, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom. The coordinator's country is Spain.


The accession of Belarus to the Bologna Process implies harmonization of the national system of higher education with the EU standards. The project implementation will facilitate the adaptation of the Bologna Process standards in Belarusian universities, thus supporting the country's efficient integration into the European educational environment.

Goals and Objectives

- Develop integrated strategies of internationalization in the field of higher education (expansion of university international activities) – common elements of the national practice of education in the project participant countries (Armenia, Belarus and Russia).

- Enhance the attractiveness and prestige of higher education, inter alia, through the professors’ professional development, and through the integration of education, science and innovations.

- Teach internationalization skills to university staff; build a wide network of experts in this area.

Interim Outcomes:

The project provides for an integrated survey of the level of university internationalization in the participating countries.

The questionnaire on university internationalization assessment has been completed.

By September 2016, filled-out questionnaires, as well as national higher education internationalization strategies developed by partner countries, will be collected and analysed. Recommendations on harmonizing internationalization strategies in the European Union, Armenia, Belarus and Russia will be developed based on this work.

Points of Contact: Project contact persons in Belarus:

On behalf of Belarusian State University:

Slivinskaya, Lyudmila Vladimirovna

Specialist, Unit of International Programmes and Projects

BSU Department of International Relations

+375 17 209 54 47,;

On behalf of Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperation:

Volynets, Tatiana Prokofyevna

Head, International Relations Unit

+375 232 406 402,

On behalf of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:

Romanyuk, Sergey Ivanovich

Head, Department of Higher Education

+375 17 327 47 36,

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