EU4Youth: Fostering potential for greater employability

About of project:

Period: 21.11.2018 - 31.03.2021

Budget: € 253,916; EU contribution: € 241,220

Implementing agency: Belarusian Red Cross Society, international NGO

Locations: Belarus (Homieĺ, Mahilioŭ), Armenia, Georgia


Belarus faces the problem of labour shortage, which is particularly relevant for rural areas. The number of young people in small towns and villages is decreasing; those staying there are insufficiently active in employment issues. This project will help build an algorithm of interaction between all stakeholders and improve youth employment prospects.

Goals and objectives: support expansion of youth educational opportunities and labour potential in Armenia, Belarus and Georgia. Facilitate employment of young people from socially vulnerable categories through partnerships, targeted skill development and promotion of entrepreneurship.

Interim outcomes: 300 vulnerable young persons from single parent or disadvantaged families, troubled adolescents, convicts and ex-convicts, victims of human trafficking. They will receive an opportunity to access labour market, improve their life skills and implement their own business ideas.

The project is also called to intensify cooperation between public agencies, nongovernmental entities and private sector in supporting young people.

Contacts: Natalia Zhak-Golgovskaya, Project Coordinator,

+ 375 29 6 234 232,