EU4Youth: Employability and Stability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine

About of project:

Period: 01.02.2018 — 31.01.2021

Budget: €1,666,666; EU contribution: € 1,500,000

Implementing agency in Belarus: "SOS – Children's Villages" International NGO

Partners: Aflatoun International (Netherlands), BEL.BIZ Centre for Business Communications (Belarus), "SOS – Children's Villages" (Ukraine), "Alliance for Civil Rights" (Ukraine), "SOS – Children's Villages" (Armenia), BSC Business Support Centre (Armenia)

Locations: Belarus (Minsk city and region), Armenia, Ukraine


Successful entry to the labour market and subsequent consolidation of one's position on it causes a number of challenges and fears for youth. It is particularly relevant for socially vulnerable young people. Based on the multi-year success of "SOS – Children's Villages", the project is called to improve employment prospects of youth in Belarus, Armenia and Ukraine.

Goals and objectives: improve youth employability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine, develop business skills among social vulnerable youth in order to promote their active participation in the labour market.

Interim outcomes: under the project, at least 40 professionals of governmental and nongovernmental organisations will attend a trainers' course and educational seminars on the "Life Skills and Employment: A Training Programme for Youth". Later on, they will be able to use the knowledge, techniques and training materials received at the course for training young people.

Under supervision of the project experts, about 350 adolescents, young men and women from socially vulnerable categories will be trained in skills that will help them with further job employment. Young people will also undergo vocational training courses and, through internships and training practices, learn about the specifics of operations public agencies and business companies.

A separate important project unit is aimed at expanding knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship. 60 participants will be selected for training. At the end of education, the young people will be offered to develop their business ideas with expert support, and 15 most promising ideas will be funded under the project.

The project implementation will improve prospects for socially vulnerable youth at the Belarus labour market.

Leaflet for those who choose a profession (in Russian)

Contacts: Tatsiana Babeikina, Project Coordinator

+375 29 253 17 51,