Cross-border Water Inspectors: Towards Joint Monitoring and Development of Water Resources of the Pripyat River Basin

About of project:

Period: June 2018 – March 2019

Budget: Euro 277,800, EU contribution: Euro 250,000 (89.99% of the total amount)

Implementing agency: Interakcia Local Foundation for the Development of International Dialogue and Cooperation

Project partners: Belarus: Pinsk District Executive Committee; Ukraine: World Around Us ecological NGO of Lyubeshiv District, Education/Youth/Sports Department of Lyubeshiv District State Administration 

Locations: Pinsk District (Belarus), Lyubešiv District (Ukraine)


Small rivers are important sources of drinking water, critical for agricultural development and ecosystem support in entire regions. The Pripyat basin rivers also have an impact on the condition of the Black Sea, into which the Pripyat flows. The Project is designed to preserve and facilitate the development of the regional environment.

Goals and objectives: Develop a cross-border system for monitoring small rivers of the Pripyat basin. Promptly identify and address problems.

Outcomes:  20 ecological posts established in Pinsk (Belarus) and Lyubeshiv Districts. Their members are more than 200 local school students and teachers. 

● The post members monitor the state of small rivers, lakes and wells in their villages and towns: they spot blockages and littered areas; they also analyse water in specialized compact laboratories. Under the project, they ran 20 local and 23 transboundary river water surveying and bank cleaning campaigns

● Last August, the project organised the Transboundary Water Camp in Pinsk District. During the six days, the project participants came to know each other and learnt why small river monitoring is important, how to sort and recycle waste, who lives at and what grows on river banks; and, of course, they had an unforgettable time together! The camp was concluded with the Small River Festival in Pinkavičy

● A small river status website was created. Young ecologists post their water contamination findings at the website. 

● A water supply system was built in the agrotown of Asniežycy, Pinsk District, and Korostynka Recreation Zone was outfitted in the village of Derevok, Lyubeshiv District. Both were officially opened in March of 2019. 

● A river study manual was developed based on lessons learnt during the project and the case study of Pripyat Paliessie. 

● Experts drafted separate plans for engaging communities in the Pripyat basin water management for Pinsk and Lyubeshiv Districts. They comprise action and activity plans aimed at entrenching the system of public monitoring over the state of local water resources. 

The project was implemented within the Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme.

Points of Contacts: Svetlana Poddubnaya, Project Manager (Interakcia Foundation),, +375 17 280 13 30, +375 29 383 59 83

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