About of project:

Period: 01.07.2020 - 01.07.2022

Budget: USD 1,299,515; EU contribution: USD 1,299,515

Implementing agency: UNDP 

Location: Republic of Belarus (within the regional project for Eastern Partnership countries)


Goals and objectives: The project’s main goal is to integrate the low-emissions and climate resilience objectives into development policies and plans in the Republic of Belarus through regional initiatives promoting economic diversification and green growth.

Expected results: As a result of the project implementation, it is expected that the national climate policy strategy and the nationally determined contribution will be finalized and updated; inter-institutional awareness and coordination on these issues will be improved; the coordination of the Belarus Paris Agreement implementation will become more efficient.

Concrete sectoral guidelines for the Paris Agreement implementation in Belarus, as well as for legislative improvements concerning climate change adaptation and mitigation, will be developed based on the EU best practices National and/or sectoral adaptation plans will be adopted, and options for funding these measures will be mobilized.

The EU4Climate project, which has been implemented in Belarus since 2020, aims to help the country reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and enhance climate resilient  development under the Paris Agreement.

The regional EU4Climate Project has been implemented in the six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – for 48 months since 2018. The project was launched in Belarus in July of 2020. The project implementing agency is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

More details about the project are available at the dedicated website, as well as on the UNDP website:

Project document

Project leaflet

Contacts: Iryna Sakalouskaya, National Coordinator

phone: +375 (44) 713-41-71