Public Participation and Effective Water Governance in Masty District

About of project:

Period: 01.02.2019 – 31.01.2022

Budget: €645,398; EU contribution: €580,794

Implementing agency: Masty District Executive Committee; Ecoproject Partnership (international nongovernmental organisation

Location: Masty District


In Belarus, rural residents often have to use poor quality drinking water from wells and are unable to use water sanitation services. Masty District is no exception: according to preliminary data, water in 70% wells is exposed to nitrate and biological contamination. It is planned to improve the situation with water supply and sanitation with support from the project of the European Union.

Goals and objectives: strengthen the role of local authorities in the development of a transparent and participatory sustainable water management in Masty District. To that end, it is planned to reinforce the capacity of the local authorities, and incorporate the principles of integrity and transparency in the Masty District’s water resource management.

Interim outcomes: with support from the project, it is planned to explore the current state of affairs in the sphere of water resource management in Masty District. The findings will inform the development of safe water supply and sanitation plans, which are new tools for Belarus.

Both local authorities and communities will be engaged in development of the water safety plans. It will helps ensure both compliance of the water supply and sanitation services to the households’ requirements, and improve the decision-making transparency.

Four to six local community initiatives with EUR 40,000 – 60,000 budgets will be supported in implementation of the water supply and sanitation plans. It is plan to procure wastewater pollution control equipment for the Masty Utilities Company. An innovative small-scale wastewater treatment facility will also be built in the district.

A key component of the project is information outreach to the district residents on water resource issues. A series of educational events is planned to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to take part in public monitoring of the drinking water quality, and to learn about the water resource management system in Masty District.

An information centre will be opened, and an awareness-raising campaign will be held to raise the residents’ awareness about water supply and sanitation matters.

Contacts: Alina Bushmovich, executive director of International Public Organization “Ecoproject “Partnership” (IPO “Ecopartnership”) +375 17 336 01 90, +375 29 310 05 80,