Belarus Economic Policy Support

About of project:

Period: 02.11.2017 – 31.12.2020

Budget: €3,000,000

Implementing agency: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)

Location: Republic of Belarus


Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at improving competencies in developing and introducing institutional and structural changes enabling short- and long-term economic growth based on a more efficient allocation of resources.

The project is implemented by five components with unique approaches to each of them. Each component contains analytical work and technical assistance subcomponents aimed at policy development, capacity reinforcement and reform implementation support.

Main project components: 1) fiscal policy/public finance management, 2) stability/financial system development, 3) activity efficiency and accountability, particularly in the sector of state-owned enterprises, 4) safeguards for socially viable households, 5) markets and market institutions.

Interim outcomes: By now, the World Bank has carried out work on most project components, with a special focus on areas of the highest interests of the Government of Belarus. The World Bank project teams made 16 missions to Belarus, arranged or facilitated the conduct of 11 seminars, and held more than 90 meetings with Belarusian colleagues.
Two activities have been accomplished: 1) The World Bank assisted a local NGO with conducting a Budget Transparency Review, which findings were made public at a conference in December 2018. 2) The World Bank Group team made a legal review of the Belarus completion policy and antimonopoly regulation, and presented the final report to the Belarusian colleagues.


Karlis Smits, Senior Economist, World Bank + 1 202-458-7045,

Alisa Akutsina, Operations Analyst, World Bank, +375 17 3591960,

Maryna Sidarenka, Economist, World Bank, +375 17 3591958,

Kiryl Haiduk, Economist, World Bank, +375 17 3591955,

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