Reinforcement of states’ cooperation and creation of prerequisites for solving common environmental challenges

About of project:

Project period: 13.10.2018 – 12.10.2020

Total budget: EUR 925,532.38; EU contribution: EUR 841,979.14 (including EUR 383,837.85 – EU contribution to the project implementation in Belarus)

Implementing agencies: Hrodna City Executive Committee, Grodnovodokanal Municipal Unitary Utilities and Production Enterprise (Belarus); Alytus municipality; Dzūkijos Vandenys UAB Water Supply Company (Lithuania)

Locations: Hrodna (Belarus), Alytus (Lithuania)


The successfully implemented project will enable all project participants to efficiently deal with emergencies and accidents at sewage lines by applying general technologies, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, such as suction excavators. The project will make a positive impact on the efforts made in support of the environmental sustainability and protection of the water resources of the transboundary rivers.

Goal and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at improving the environment in the transboundary regions of Alytus and Hrodna.

The main objectives of the project are to draft a general plan of prevention of regional or local accidents at water supply and sanitation lines, procure equipment for containing emergencies or potentially hazardous failures at sewage lines; raise the citizens’ awareness about their duties and actions in response to emergencies.

Interim outcomes: At present, the enterprise makes efforts to inform the residents about the project outcomes and products; it plans to hold a Doors Open Day including a demonstration of the equipment procured under the project, and a presentation of the effectiveness of its operation.

Special attention is paid to building the professional capacity of the technical personnel. Thus, two international information workshops have been held under the project for the purposes of learning about and exchanging experience in the field of local/regional emergency containment, prevention of accidents at water supply and sanitation lines in Alytus and Hrodna regions.

The project main phases are scheduled in the third six months period of its implementation: tests and follow-up evaluation of the special equipment (suction excavator) operation for the purpose of reducing the rate of accidents at sewage lines; development of common techniques; publication of articles and a video coverage; final conference on the survey findings.

Contacts: Irina Zenkevich, Grodnovodokanal Chief Technologist, Project Manager

+375 152 70 29 17,

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