System of Automation for Vision of Energy and WATER: SAVE WATER

About of project:

Project Period: 22.07.2015 – 20.02.2020

Budget: € 595,268.69; EU contribution – € 476,036.37

Implementing Agency: Čavusy District Executive Committee, "Žylkamhas" Čavusy Unitary Municipal Enterprise, "ENDO" Mahilioŭ Environmental Non-Governmental Organization

Location: Čavusy District, Mahilioŭ Region


The Čavusy authorities actively work on energy saving and environmental protection issues. In spring 2014, the town became the eighth Belarusian settlement to accede to the Covenant of Mayors and undertake a number of commitments.  In particular, by 2020, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced there by 20%, energy consumption by 20%; the share of renewable energy utilization will be increased by 20%. The SAVEWATER Project will offer a great opportunity for the city to fulfill the key elements of the Covenant.

Goals and Objectives:

– introduce the region-specific Smart System of Monitoring and Management of Water, Heat and Power Supply of Čavusy District Consumers, providing for enhanced quality and reliability of utility services, and saving fuel, energy and water,

- analyze the operation of water supply, district heating systems, sewage treatment facilities, and the equipment of Čavusy Žylkamhas;

- raise local residents’ awareness of state-of-the-art energy/fuel and water saving methods.


An energy audit of the regional utility facilities was carried out in Spring 2016. The findings were used while introducing a Smart System – a technology that automatically collects data about power, heat, gas consumption and water temperature from meters and then transfers these data to the municipal enterprise computer system for analysis, problem solving and settlements with consumers.

Thanks to the project's activities the submerged pumps were replaced at the city sewage-pumping station, a major repair of sewage collector pipe was made, frequency-regulated electric drives were installed on the air blowers at the water-treatment facility. An automatic control system for heating and hot-water supply was created as well.

The Water and Energy Community Information Center was opened as a part of the project's activities. Any resident – from a schoolchild to a pensioner – is able to find out how to save energy, water and electricity. A simple program developed under the Project would help to make independent energy and water use calculations and model various heat saving options. Such 'calculators' are posted at the Čavusy Žylkamhas website for the general access. 

Thanks to the innovative technologies implemented by the Project, the electic power consumption has decreased by 3000 MW and at some facilities it dropped by 20%. CO2 emissions have decreased by almost 1.5 tons of CO2 equivalent and water losses were reduced by 8% per year.


Contact: Andrei Verkhavodkin,

Lieninskaja street 17, 

213206, Čavusy, Belarus