Destruction of PFM-1 series ammunition in the Republic of Belarus

About of project:

Project Period: 08.02.2011 – 08.03.2018

Amount: € 3,900,000

Implementing Agency: Expal Eastern Europe FLLC subsidiary of Expal Systems S.A. (Spain)

Location: Rečyca, Homieĺ Region


Anti-personnel mines are among the most dangerous weapons of destruction. In 2003, Belarus acceded to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction (also known as the Ottawa Treaty) and ratified it on March 1, 2004. 

Project Goals and Objectives: 

Destruction of stockpiles of approximately 3,400,000 anti-personnel landmines (PFM-1 and PFM-1S series).

Intermediate Outcomes: 

An anti-personnel mine destruction centre was built on the compound of the 2271st Ammunition Base in Rečyca, where they are destroyed by the cold detonation method (destruction with charges in a thick-wall armoured chamber). Solid waste and gases are then processed so that they are made safe for disposal in a municipal solid waste landfill. Approximately 2,200,000 mines had been destroyed by February 2016.

Points of Contact: 

Javier Gonzalez Cuesta, Project Manager

Project website: