Advice for Small Business

About of project:

Period: 2015-2017

Implementing agency: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The Programme is funded by the European Union

Location: European Partnership Countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine)


Entrepreneurship is the core of any economic development; it creates new jobs and develops a healthy competitive environment. It is for a reason that small business is responsible for up to 70% of gross domestic products in a number of developed economies.  The global experience suggests that non-government companies generally perform better that state-owned ones. The Advice for Small Business Project supports effective development of small and medium enterprises in Belarus.

Goals and objectives: Provide consultancy support to small enterprises with business development. Help Belarusian companies rise to an international level, so that they could later make their contribution to local and regional economic development.

Intermediate outcomes: Small perspective companies benefit from consultancy support in such areas, as strategy, marketing, organizational structure, quality and financial management, sustainable energy use, environmental protection, etc.

Classes are conducted by both local and international experts – experienced analysts and practitioners. Depending on the area, consultancy may last from four to eighteen months. The project participants have an opportunity to learn about the proven track record of foreign companies with entry into the global market.

The costs of such projects are partially compensated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Since the EBRD Programme launch in Belarus (in 2011), more than 230 enterprises have benefitted from access to consultancy services.


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