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Projects Regional development

BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth
The economy of Slaŭharad District is agriculture-based, the district has no industry. However, entrepreneurs contribute to the district economy up to 5% of the local budget revenues. Rural entrepreneurship development through equal access to education, resources and business support presents an opportunity for economic growth.
Price: € 655 744 Status: Time: 2019 - 2022
Creation of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovations Promotion and Support in Hlybokaje District
The lack of business expertise among the local residents is a factor constraining full-scale entrepreneurship and business activity development in Hlybokaje District. Learning new skills and consultations on further development of small and medium businesses will contribute to enhancement of the district business environment.
Price: € 461 478 Status: Time: 2019 - 2021
Agribusiness Incubator
The economy of Brahin District, which has about 12,000 residents, is based on agriculture with mainly large-scale commercial producers. Meanwhile, more than a thousand households in the district generate up to 50% of their income by selling potatoes, vegetables and garden produce from their backyards. Therefore, improvements in rural employment is among top priorities for sustainable development of Brahin District.
Price: € 625 552 Status: Time: 2019 - 2023
Landscape-Oriented and Community-Led Rural Area Development of the Jasieĺda River
Sustainable rural development is a developmental priority of Belarus. The Jasieĺda river valley is distinguished by its ecological, social, landscape-related, historical and cultural aspects. While preserving the unique environment and biodiversity of the region, we need to make full use of its capacity for employment and self-employment of the local residents, and for engaging them in administration and decision-making processes.
Price: € 747 549 Status: Time: 2019 - 2022
“Buh unites us” – creation of two cross-border touristic kayak trails
The waterway crossing Brest Region along the Dnieper-Buh Canal, the Muchaviec and the Buh Rivers, has a great tourism potential. However, the lack of adequate infrastructure along the waterway, as well as information about natural and other landmarks of the route prevents from attracting tourists on actively.
Price: € 1 414 765 Status: Time: 2018 - 2022
Support to Local Economic Development at the Local Level in the Republic of Belarus
This project is a component of the wide-scale programme "Strengthening Private Initiative Growth in Belarus" (SPRING).
Price: € 7 700 000 Status: Time: 2018 - 2022
Development of Rural Localities in the Republic of Belarus: Boosting Rural Entrepreneurship in Belarus and Launching a Rural Business Incubator in Kamarova

Belarusian Viciebsk and Hrodna Regions are unique territories due to their proximity to EU borders and remoteness from large industrial hubs; however, job opportunities there, same as in the entire country, have been shrinking.  Private business in rural localities of these voblasts could be a source of new jobs, but now it employs less than 3% of the population. The project is aimed at improvement of the socio-economic situation in the region through development of local entrepreneurship.

Price: € 551 034 Status: Time: 2017 - 2020
Supply of Equipment for Green Energy and Integrated Waste Management to Support Regional Development in Belarus
The introduction of advanced 'green' technology helps the Belarusian economy both reduce energy costs and preserve the environment. It is of special importance for small and medium-sized towns that have much fewer opportunities for development.
Price: € 5 049 573 Status: Time: 2015 - 2016
Support to Sustainable Tourism Development in Belarus

Despite the large number of landmarks and recreation areas, Belarus lacks experience to enable successful development of the tourism sector. Meanwhile, tourism is a driver of national economic development.

Price: € 1 717 686 Status: Time: 2015 - 2018
Expanding Economic Opportunities in Rural Belarus

The Belarusian rural population, whose income is much lower than that of townspeople, is at risk of falling below the poverty line. In view of the low productivity of agricultural companies, which are unable to offer adequate wages, self-employment may be an alternative. Entrepreneurship enables both the prevention of poverty and support to sustainable regional development.

Price: € 500 000 Status: Time: 2015 - 2017