Support to Regional and Local Development in Belarus

About of project:

Project Period: 02.09.2013 – 01.08.2016

Budget: € 2,785,400

Implementing Agency: International consortium led by ECORYS Nederland BV (Netherlands). The consortium also includes ECORYS Polska s.p. (Poland), Oxford Policy Management (United Kingdom) and Project Management Limited (Ireland)

National Partners: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy and its regional branches, as well as Brest, Viciebsk, Homieĺ, Hrodna, Minsk and Mahilioŭ Regional executive committees

Location: Belarus


Each province of Belarus has its unique features, as well as strengths and weaknesses. It is important to be aware of them and take them into account in the process of strategic planning, for both the provinces and the country in general. This project is a part of the RELOAD integrated program in support of the efforts of the Government of Belarus on the promotion of sustainable regional development. Another component of the RELOAD program is implemented by UNDP Belarus.

Goal: Analyze the current Belarus regional development policy; evaluate its strengths and weaknesses; develop recommendations on the enhancement of the administration and planning system. Reinforce the capacity of local authorities in the field of regional development management.

Outcomes: The Project experts carried out an integrated analysis of legal, institutional and financial aspects of the regional development management system. The findings and recommendations are described in the “Regional Development in the Republic of Belarus: Challenges and Prospects" publication, and in the Project Final Book.

For the first time ever, sustainable development strategies were developed for each of the six regions of the country. Regional task teams comprising Belarusian and international experts, economists-researchers and specialists of voblast executive committees, representatives of academic circles and non-governmental organizations determined the prospects of their regions and identified the main areas for focusing key efforts and resources. The Project also provided for the development of a number of methodological materials on strategic planning of regional development. 

Themes, stakeholders and demonstration sites for regional pilot projects were identified for each region. Documents were prepared and projects were launched with a total budget of Euro 6.7 mln (supply of equipment for environmentally clean energy generation and integrated waste management; support of sustainable development of tourism).

A special program of seminars, training workshops, round tables and study tours on relevant issues of regional development was implemented to develop professional skills and enhance the competence of regulating bodies. More than 500 Belarusian specialists took part in the training activities under the Project. In the course of tours to the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Latvia, about 100 program participants personally learned about the European experience in regional policy development and implementation.

Points of Contact:

Peter Korsby, Project Supervisor

+375 29 330 64 41,

Valeria Kedich, Project Manager

+ 375 29 330 85 75,