Support to Local Economic Development at the Local Level in the Republic of Belarus

About of project:

Period: 16.04.2018 – 31.01.2022

Budget: €7,700,000

Key partners: United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus

Locations: on the local level, the project will be implemented in 12 pilot districts: Biaroza and Kobryn (Brest Region), Braslaŭ and Orša (Viciebsk Region), Brahin, Žlobin and Chojniki (Homieĺ Region), Lida (Hrodna Region), Barysaŭ and Maladziečna (Minsk Region), Bychaŭ and Kličaŭ (Mahilioŭ Region)


This project is a component of the wide-scale programme "Strengthening Private Initiative Growth in Belarus" (SPRING).

Goal: The project is aimed at supporting and developing economic initiative, competitive edge and innovation for inclusive development on the national and local levels.

Interim outcomes: on the national level, the project provides for activities aimed at promoting dialogue on support of development of small and medium enterprises addressing socially valuable challenges. The project will carry out a nationwide survey of SME development factors. It will support the Public Advisory Committee on Entrepreneurship Development under the Ministry of Economy in drafting recommendations on enhancement of local regulations on SME activities. A business incubator creation and operation model, operating techniques and mechanism of a foundation for supporting socially valuable entrepreneurial initiatives will be developed.

On the local level, the project will be implemented in 12 pilot districts. There are plans for establishing or expanding existing district public advisory committees that will be in charge of drafting SME development plans. Each district will select one of the four methodologies of the regional development project approach – human and community development based on unique area opportunities; motivation of regional-level industrial diversification; cluster approach-based economic development; streamlining of operating systems and processes.

€5,000,000 will be allocated within the district SME development plans for supporting local initiatives (business incubators, cluster and socially vulnerable initiatives).

The project provides for conducting a wide-scale campaign for raising awareness and promoting the "fashion for entrepreneurship", creating a positive image of the supported initiatives and stirring up business activities in regions of Belarus.

Contacts: Nadzeya Sinelnik, Project PR and Communication Specialist of the United Nations Programme Development Office in Belarus