image2 06.03.2017

EU, UNDP to hold new contest of local healthcare initiatives

The European Union will provide up to 50,000 euros to each winner of a contest of local initiatives to be held in the Brest and Homieĺ regions this year as part of a healthcare project called Belmed.

The first such contest took place in the Mahilioŭ and Viciebsk regions last year.

Applications may be submitted by non-profit organisations and local governmental agencies. Their proposals should be aimed at preventing non-communicable diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles; developing partnerships in this area between NGOs, local authorities and local communities and businesspeople; improving primary care services for people suffering from non-communicable diseases; and preventing child injury.

The deadline for applications is 12 May 2017. All relevant information can be found at the website of the UNDP in Belarus.