Actualisation and Restoration of the European Cultural Landscape on the Lithuanian/Belarusian border

About of project:

Period: 22.09.2018 – 21.09.2020

Budget: €499,343.57, EU contribution: €449,409.15

Implementing agencies: State Historical and Cultural Establishment “M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor” (Belarus); Administration of Trakai Historical National Park (Lithuania)

Location: Hrodna Region


Preservation of historical and cultural heritage properties and adaptation to tourist needs is a key task for further development of the tourism potential of the Belarusian/Lithuanian border areas.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed mainly at facilitating active use of the historical and cultural heritage – Trakai Historical National Park (Užutrakis) and M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor in Zaliessie.

The project will make a considerable impact on the preservation, promotion and adaptation to tourist needs of the cultural and historical parks in Belarus and Lithuania; it will facilitate the exchange of experience in historical park management between Belarusian and Lithuanian specialists, and development of joint transboundary community events.

Interim outcomes: The project will provide for the publication of the “Historical Parks from Užutrakis to Zaliessie” brochure.

60 folding chairs, and oak table and a set of four matching oak chairs have been procured for the Amelia’s Shrine gazebo in Zaliessie Museum/Manor.

The project provides for establishment of volunteer centres that will assist with the work of the Zaliessie and Užutrakis historical/cultural parks.

There are plans to conduct several seminars and conferences for Belarusian and Lithuanian specialists on the use and promotion of cultural and historical heritage properties. An international en-plein-air session will be arranged for artists in Zaliessie.

Contacts: Lyudmila Groditskaya, Project Manager, Director of the State Historical and Cultural Establishment “M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor”

Mobile: +375 29 604 83 43, work: +375 1592 4 54 84,

Larisa Gilvina, Project Manager

Mobile: +375 29 969 65 80, work: +375 1592 4 57 85,

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