Actualisation and Restoration of the European Cultural Landscape on the Lithuanian/Belarusian border

About of project:

Period: 22.09.2018 – 21.09.2020

Budget: €499,343.57, EU contribution: €449,409.15

Implementing agencies: State Historical and Cultural Establishment “M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor” (Belarus); Administration of Trakai Historical National Park (Lithuania)

Location: Hrodna Region


Preservation of historical and cultural heritage properties and adaptation to tourist needs is a key task for further development of the tourism potential of the Belarusian/Lithuanian border areas.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed mainly at facilitating active use of the historical and cultural heritage – Trakai Historical National Park (Užutrakis) and M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor in Zaliessie.

The project will make a considerable impact on the preservation, promotion and adaptation to tourist needs of the cultural and historical parks in Belarus and Lithuania; it will facilitate the exchange of experience in historical park management between Belarusian and Lithuanian specialists, and development of joint transboundary community events.

Outcomes: As a part of the projects' implementation a brochure “Historical Parks from Užutrakis to Zaliessie” was published. It provides the tourists with a guide that pays a special attention to te places where the historical green zones were preserved.

In September 2019 on the anniversary of M.K. Ogiński's birth a renewed 'Amelia’s Shrine' gazebo was opened. 60 folding chairs, and oak table and a set of four matching oak chairs have been procured for the 'Amelia’s Shrine' visitors.

The project has established the volunteer centres that will assist with the work of the Zaliessie and Užutrakis historical / cultural parks. In September 2020 a week-long Volunteer Camp was held in Zalessie.

A two-week long international en-plein-air session was arranged for artists in Zaliessie (with 4 artists from Belarus and 4 from Lithuania). The session's outcome was an exhibition of the artists' works as well as the exhibition catalogue.

Additionally, there were several seminars and conferences held for the Belarusian and Lithuanian specialists on the use and promotion of cultural and historical heritage properties. Two free tours were also organized.

Contacts: Lyudmila Groditskaya, Project Manager, Director of the State Historical and Cultural Establishment “M.K. Ogiński Museum/Manor”

Mobile: +375 29 604 83 43, work: +375 1592 4 54 84,

Larisa Gilvina, Project Manager

Mobile: +375 29 969 65 80, work: +375 1592 4 57 85,

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Brochure "Historic parks from Užutrakis to Zalesye"

Exhibition Catalogue